The story

After a few years of writing new year’s resolutions, I realized I need to think about them more than once a year if I want to achieve them. So I decided to write them monthly.

Every beginning of the month I took 1 to 2 hours in the morning, at my home desk, or in a coffee shop, to assess my life. To write down what do I really want to accomplish to be fulfilled. Doing this was uncomfortable. I felt like my mind was trying to stop me from going deeper, to find answers. But I persevered.

In the first months, part of the things I wrote I wanted weren’t really my wishes. With time I started to understand myself better and got more authentic answers. I knew this was still work in progress, but I started on the right track.

Then I realized even the monthly assessment needs to be supported by a more often look at it. So I started writing daily: thoughts, wishes, concerns, many todo lists and continued to dream and look at the big picture of my life.

I started building patterns in what I wrote every day. One day I had the idea to do a template and print it, so I don’t write the same sections by hand every day. The immediate thought was that I could do it generic so that other people could benefit from it as well.

I started drafting this diary through trials and errors. I’ve made many prints and tested them myself and with friends. Putting together this diary has been one of my top 3 projects I was focusing during this time. I was using this diary (the draft versions) to keep my focus, persevere and make it happen.